Routing the Puzzle Pieces for Puzzle Table

After gluing up the four sides, my next step was to rout in the puzzle pieces.

I used three combination squares referenced off of each edge to lay out a grid, which represented the size and location of the puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Table10

Pencil can be difficult to see on black walnut, but I found that roughing up the planed surface with 120-grit sandpaper made the lines easier to see.

Puzzle Table11

I routed the jigsaw puzzle design with a 1/8″ spiral bit, doing one line at a time.

Puzzle Table12 It was very gratifying to see one surface completed.

Puzzle Table13

Next, I rolled the cube and continued routing puzzle pieces into the other faces.

Puzzle Table14

11 thoughts on “Routing the Puzzle Pieces for Puzzle Table

  1. I would be so tired by the tension of holding the router for so long. Then i would be so worried about screwing up the last one!!! you indeed must have a steady hand.
    good job, keep the photos coming.

    1. Andrew,

      While this was a good way to cut the puzzle piece design, I still need to figure out a good way to finish the insides of all the grooves. It is a slow process! Got any ideas?


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