Shop Stools, Revisited on

It’s official! I’m now a contributor to the Craftsy woodworking blog.

My first article, fittingly, is about shop stools. In the article, I discuss some basic principles that make a good shop stool, then provide some practical ideas backed up by photos from the Shop Stool Build-Off.

Read the article on the Craftsy Woodworking Blog.

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Buzz About the Shop Stool Build-Off

It’s not too late to register for the Shop Stool Build-Off!

More than eighty woodworkers have registered for the Shop Stool Build-Off and some have let their enthusiasm spill over, as evidenced by the buzz surrounding the event which takes place this Saturday (January 25).


I’m not the only one blogging about the event. Here are all the blog posts about the Shop Stool Build-Off of which I am aware.

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David Picciuto

  1. Weekly Woodworking Wrap-Up Review #2

Derek Olsen

  1. Shop Stool Design.
  2. Pick Your Seat.
  3. Refining Ideas.

Dyami Plotke

  1. There Are Events Afoot

Jamie Hubbard:

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Jeremy Wright

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  3. Stool Design Guide: Have a Seat
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Joe McGlynn:

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Marc Spagnuolo

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Fr. Thomas Bailey, OSB

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