Getting in the Groove

This is a follow-up post to my recent article, In The Groove, as suggested by Nick Roulleau.

When I’m in the groove, things go smoothly and nothing can frustrate me.  When I’m not in the groove, I feel tired.  I feel unmotivated.  I feel like going back to bed.  That’s how I feel right now.

Here are some strategies that I employ to try to get myself back in the groove:

  • Turn on some music.  When I’m frustrated, I like to play loud rock or metal like Fear Factory or Hail The Villain (until I blew up the speakers of my stereo).  It doesn’t usually get me in the groove, but it gets me doing something.  Sometimes chill music like Anna Gilbert or Colin James helps me relax and start enjoying what I’m doing (even if it isn’t enjoyable);
  • Work on something that excites me.  Some tasks, especially repetitive, monotonous ones, are difficult to get motivated to start.  So instead, I work on something else that interests for a half hour before switching to the less interesting task; and
  • Do something.  Anything.  Putting tools away and sweeping up shavings require little thought or focus yet are productive.  No matter how minor or inconsequential the task, doing SOMETHING will help me gain momentum.

These are three strategies that work for me.  Now, if I was in the groove when I wrote this, I might have a longer list.  Since I’m not, this is what I have to share with you.  And that brings me to one last strategy which just occurred to me:

  • Get someone else involved.  Having someone else around, either in person or virtually, can stimulate your mind, motivate you to start, and inspire you to excel.

I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas of how to get in the groove.  Share them in the comments section.