Child’s Loft Bed, Session 2 – More Stock Prep

After Session 1, I received a lot of feedback showing interest in this build so I will continue to document my struggles with straight lines and flat surfaces. :)

My next project is a commissioned loft bed for a child.  It has a set of stairs up to the bed on one side and a slide down from the other side.  There will be drawers in the side of the stair case and the top will be draped with cloth to complete the canopy.  This project will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Canadian Woodworking.

I documented my progress live on Twitter which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at which I progressed.

FlairWoodworks I’m back in the shop to continue work on the Child’s Loft Bed. I’ll continue cutting components to rough size. #flairww -3:04 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I have enough material cut for the four legs and three of the four canopy posts (see arrow). I need 1 more piece. #flairww -3:11 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Once again, I’ve hauled out a beam and will start by crosscutting it in half. #flairww -3:19 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks As with many of many of my hand tools, I’ve shaped the handle of my saw to be more comfortable. #flairww -3:22 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks This stock is perfectly quartersawn and I would prefer to save it for the head and foot boards. #flairww -3:27 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I dragged out another beam. This one is already quartersawn! #flairww -3:32 PM Jul 24th, 2012

MansFineFurn can’t really tell by that photo…looks riftsawn

FlairWoodworks Trust me… it’s quartersawn!

FlairWoodworks NO! I meant to type RIFTsawn! You’re right! I’m wrong.

BCcraftmaster Save this tweet!!!

FlairWoodworks This piece, however, has lots of cracks on the surface and edge. #flairww -3:35 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks There are also knots, but fortunately, they can be cut out of the canopy posts. #flairww -3:38 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I managed to get three canopy posts from the one piece, but the right one isn’t very solid. #flairww -4:07 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I will prepare the soft, partially rotten piece as if it is an actual post so I can use it as a test piece. #flairww -4:08 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I will select and cut stock for the two long rails next. #flairww -4:11 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks This was a convenient place to toss the offcuts, but it’s going to be a problem. #flairww -4:15 PM Jul 24th, 2012

mlehikoinen obstacle course woodworking?

FlairWoodworks Not if I can help it.

FlairWoodworks All of a sudden, this isn’t looking like that much lumber. I’m after 8/4 stock for the rails, which is on the right side. #flairww -4:19 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The lower rails are structural so I want stock without checks (cracks) or knots. So far, I’ve found one suitable piece. #flairww -4:24 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I think I found a winner! This piece is 18″ wide so o can cut around the split. #flairww -4:27 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Make no mistake – careful stock selection can make or break a project and it does take time! #flairww -4:46 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’ve selected the best boards for the rails and am getting ready to cut them to rough size. #flairww -4:57 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Even though the board is several feet longer than the rails, I’m going to rip the board the whole way. #flairww -5:00 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Here’s one oversized rail. #flairww -5:04 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The two pieces at the front are the rails. I need to figure out where to crosscut them. #flairww -5:09 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The two long rails are cut to rough size. #flairww -5:20 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I still need to cut this long rail which does add rigidity to the bed but is not as structural. #flairww -5:23 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks This upper rail does not bear weight so does not need to be free of knots. #flairww -5:25 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The boards are long enough that I can get the long rail and headboard rail from the same board. #flairww -5:33 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks That will ensure a perfect grain match. I’ll need to be careful matching the footboard rail with other end of the long rail. #flairww -5:33 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Oh yeah, that drawing. I’ve been largely ignoring it. Hmm. #flairww -5:39 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Plans for this loft bed will be published in an upcoming issue of Canadian Woodworking#flairww -5:41 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Oh, look – my jointer! I’m going to surface the legs and canopy posts next. #flairww -5:58 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’ve jointed two adjacent surfaces so they are flat and square. Now I’ll plane them to an even thickness. #flairww -6:22 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks When thicknessing the posts, I ran them all through one section of the planer. #flairww -6:52 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The fir contains pitch and resin which is not friendly to knives or feed rollers, so using one section limits the affected area. #flairww -6:54 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks This Douglas fir is beautiful. And heavy. #flairww -6:59 PM Jul 24th, 2012

JohnVerreault Very, very nice.

FlairWoodworks I now need to figure out which four make the best legs and mark their finished lengths. #flairww -7:30 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’ve chosen which pieces will become the four legs and four canopy posts. There are two spares too. #flairww -7:37 PM Jul 24th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’m starving, so I’m going to break for dinner. #flairww -7:38 PM Jul 24th, 2012

In Session 3, I hope to finish cutting the components for the loft bed.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get most of it surfaced as well.

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9 thoughts on “Child’s Loft Bed, Session 2 – More Stock Prep

    1. Olly,

      I think that Douglas fir is an underrated and underused wood for furniture. Vertical grain Douglas fir (quartersawn or flatsawn) is used a lot for millwork around here.


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