Child’s Loft Bed, Session 5 – The Rails

My next project is a commissioned loft bed for a child.  It has a set of stairs up to the bed on one side and a slide down from the other side.  There will be drawers in the side of the stair case and the top will be draped with cloth to complete the canopy.  This project will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Canadian Woodworking.

I documented my progress live on Twitter using hashtag #flairww which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at which I progressed.  Catch up on the build.  Read Session 123, and 4.

FlairWoodworks I’m back in the shop working on the Child’s Loft Bed. I’ve unclamped the headboard and footboard and will work on the rails. -3:46 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I picked up some hardware with which to install the rails. I may or may not use all the hardware. -3:51 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Remember to use the depth stop on your drill press. I just drilled clear through my drill press table. -3:56 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Here are three options to install the bolts in the posts. I don’t like option 2. -4:03 PM Jul 28th, 2012

asliceofwood so that narrows it down to 2 options

FlairWoodworks I like the counterbored option best (far left). I always pretty-up the hardware if it will be seen and this case is no exception.

asliceofwood would you put a cap over it to hide the hardware?

FlairWoodworks I could cap the bolts or I may leave them exposed. I kinda like the aesthetic of the counterbored bolt. Thoughts?

BCcraftmaster the counter bore. It looks the “cleanest”

asliceofwood reminds me of greene & greene projects with the ebony caps, except these are metal. Go counterbore.

FlairWoodworks I was in a rush when I bought the bolts so I didn’t notice that I grabbed four longer bolts. -4:10 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks There is not enough room around my table saw to cut the long rails so I’ve set up my mitre saw. -4:32 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks It would be more reliably accurate to use a stop block but it’s easier to mark the others from first-cut rail, then cut to the line. This is still plenty accurate. Know your tolerances. Perfection is not always necessary. -4:45 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I took my time cutting all the rails to length. Yes, they are all different widths. -4:57 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’ve laid out the positioning of the cross dowels. -5:14 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks All the rails will also receive tenons to add additional strength and keep them from rotating. -5:15 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I set up my Domino XL with the largest bit (14mm) to mortise the rails. Due to the length of the rails, this wouldn’t be easy with a router. -5:39 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I just realized that i can use the Domino to bore slots for the cross dowels. -5:57 PM Jul 28th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The rails are mortised and it’s time for a break. -6:06 PM Jul 28th, 2012

The next step will be to mill mating mortises in the posts and bore holes for the bolts and cross dowels.  Watch for Session 6!

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