Possibilities Inspire Me

One of my greatest inspirations is the idea of improvement.  I am not content simply reproducing existing designs – I always like to try new things and new ideas.

Man seems to be a problem-seeking as well as a problem-solving animal.  We are programmed to change, develop, and meet new challenges until we die.

Anthony Storr

(Find this quote, along with many other interesting quotes on my page titled Quotables.)

As I continue along my chosen career path, I continue to realize what my strengths are and what I want to be doing.  Design is definitely of interest to me.  Honestly, I don’t have much interest in recreating something that’s already been done.  I am an innovator and I enjoy creating original work.  Every piece in my Gallery is an original design of mine.


Sometimes my creative urges are driven by necessity – when there is nothing else available that does what I want.  This is often the case with the specialized tools that I make, such as this extra-long marking knife I made from an old socket-handle chisel.

Chisel Marking Knife

Most of the time, I find myself innovating because I think that I can make it better, or at least more to my liking.  This improvement may be functional or aesthetic.  Either way, I need to make it my own design – I need to add my own touch of flair.

These are my sketches and notes for my redesign of the conversation chair.  It’s a work in progress.

Conversation Chair Sketches page1 Conversation Chair Sketches page2 Conversation Chair Sketches page3 Conversation Chair Sketches page4 Conversation Chair Sketches page5

If you’re ever stuck for inspiration, pick something that you think you can improve upon or reinterpret.  Also, while on the topic of reinterpreting, don’t forget to sign up for #Woodchat’s Telephone Game Design Experiment.

4 thoughts on “Possibilities Inspire Me

  1. Chris, I like the direction you are taking on page 31 of your notes. But why 4 legs … Go with 3, one on each end and one right in the centre of the shared arm rest. My 2 cents.

  2. I agree with Gary’s thoughts, I think the sculpted wrap around seat ledge unites the two (perhaps just wide enough to slide closer to whisper in an ear). You may need to define “intimate” a bit better in your scope, (friend vs love). With seats directly opposed, I get a more confrontational vibe. Perhaps angle the seats slightly which may give more leg room and make it feel less structured, more inviting. If for “lovers” I’d be tempted to experiment with layers where one seat is low and the other a bit higher & angled so knees overlap almost as if someone was sitting on your desk talking to you,like those one piece student desks in high school.

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