The Start of Black Walnut Cribbage Boards

It’s been a wild few days on the west coast. Saturday it began snowing, and two days earlier I spent the day in warm, sunny weather.

It was a beautiful Thursday morning when Dave Kilpatrick and I set up to cut some small, live-edge walnut pieces, destined to become cribbage boards. I positioned the chunks of walnut on a jig, which holds them steady, and told Dave where I wanted him to make the cuts.

Milling Black Walnut Cribbage Boards-001

The quality of his cuts was impressive as always and I left with a lot of beautiful slices of black walnut. I stacked and stickered them on a pallet in my yard and coated the ends with wax to control the drying process.

The walnut will dry there for at least a year before I bring it into my shop to continue the drying process. Perhaps in 2016 or 2017, you will see the first cribbage board made from this material. I guarantee that it will be worth the wait!

5 thoughts on “The Start of Black Walnut Cribbage Boards

  1. Just wanted to know, if you will be starting a list of people interested and purchasing one of you boards? Your Uncle Jay told me about you, and we have been e-mailing a few times. Am very interested in one of these boards.


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