Deconstructed, Session 4

In Session 1Session 2, and Session 3 I began working on an exploded shelf I’m calling Deconstructed.  I finished the last session by pouring clear resin around the wood parts set in a mould made of waxed melamine.


Tuesday, I unmoulded the casting.  If everything had gone perfectly, all that would have been required would have been to apply a finish.  Alas, that was not the case, so I continued work.  This was my first time working with resin (Crystal Clear by Smooth-On) and, considering that, I’m happy with the results.

As always, I documented my progress live on Twitter using hashtag #FlairWW (follow me @FlairWoodworks) which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at which I progressed.  I also recorded my build in time-lapse and compiled the photos and Tweets into a video (duration – 9:36).

In the next session, I expect to complete the shelf.

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