Deconstructed, Session 5

In Session 1Session 2Session 3 and Session 4 I began working on an exploded shelf I’m calling Deconstructed.  I finished the last session by filling in air bubbles with epoxy.


Today, in the final session of this Tweet-Along, I completed the shelf, including applying the first coat of finish.

As always, I documented my progress live on Twitter using hashtag #FlairWW (follow me @FlairWoodworks) which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at which I progressed.  I attempted to record my build in time-lapse as usual, but due to a technical glitch, that didn’t work.  I compiled the photos and Tweets into a video (duration – 2:16).

4 thoughts on “Deconstructed, Session 5

  1. great concept for a piece. I still cannot understand how you ended up with airbubbles after all you did to eliminate them. But I bet that is one of the things noone but you will notice.
    It has been fun watchin you creat art.

    1. Stephen,

      I’m not sure what created the air bubbles, but I think that if I had used a slower-setting resin, they would have had more of a chance to escape. This one set up surprisingly quickly.


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