#Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration! Design Game

#Woodchat on Air is a weekly online woodworking program hosted by Matt Gradwohl of Uppercut Woodworks, Scott Meek of Scott Meek Woodworks, and me. Watch it Wednesday nights at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern (duration: approximately 1 hour).

Last year, we at #Woodchat on Air ran the #Woodchat Telephone Game Design Experiment.  We started with one design that was handed from one participant to another to be slightly redesigned as they imagined it. It was a lot of fun to see the different designs and insightful to see how other people perceive a design, and how they would modify it.

#Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration!

Last week at #Woodchat on Air, we debuted our new design game.

This is how #Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration! works.

  1. During #Woodchat on Air, we share one or more images for inspiration. These images are taken by us, the hosts, or are shared with us by any #Woodchat on Air participant.
  2. If you choose to play, you have the next week to develop a design (or multiple designs) inspired by the image. The design can be sketched, modelled in clay, built using toothpicks, rendered in CAD, or whatever you choose.
  3. At the following #Woodchat on Air, we share the designs and invite the designers to explain their design and how they developed it.

Here is the first image that we are using, provided by Scott Meek.


I have a few ideas for a design. Tune in to #Woodchat on Air Wednesday April 23 at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern to see what I come up with for #Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration!

I will be sharing all the designs on my new page: #Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration!


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