Best Excuses for Woodworking “Mistakes”

Nobody is perfect. I see shortcomings all the time in my work and in the work of others. If in my work, the challenge is to find an effective solution. Regardless, I find it amusing to come up with plausible(?) excuses, some of which poke fun at legitimate techniques which, done properly, yield a high-quality … Continue reading Best Excuses for Woodworking “Mistakes”


Recently, I've been really busy between increased December work hours at Lee Valley Tools Ltd., the big push to complete the outstanding orders of hollow and round planes for my other company, Time Warp Tool Works, and other top-secret Christmas stuff.  Until today, my shop was an absolute mess with all the projects in the works. … Continue reading Filler

Warning: This is a Disclaimer!

There are so many ridiculous disclaimers out there that I decided to write some (since I'm now selling furniture).  These are just for fun: Section 1078.1 (General Safety Rules): This furniture is not a toy and is not intended for use by children (or immature adults); Use only accessories approved by Flair Woodworks.  Use of … Continue reading Warning: This is a Disclaimer!

Best Moments of WIA Pasadena, 2012

Woodworking In America (WIA) in Pasadena, California was a lot of fun.  These were some of my favourite lines from the show. I always seem to get asked the most difficult questions by the US Customs Agents in the airport.  This time was different. Customs agent:  Where are you headed? Me:  Pasadena, California. Customs agent: … Continue reading Best Moments of WIA Pasadena, 2012