Deconstructed – Finished Shots and Reflective Thoughts

Today, I completed Deconstructed, making it the first piece of 2013.  Although there are a couple of things that didn’t go the way I wanted, I am very happy with the result.  I find myself loving it more the longer I am around it.  (The same can be said with most of my woodwork.)

The shelf is 23″ x 7″ x 3.5″ thick.  The Crystal Clear resin is 1″ thick.  You can see some air bubbles in the back right section of the casting where it meets the wood which are a result of the resin curing too quickly.


The transition between the wood and resin is perfectly smooth – the seam is indistinguishable to the fingertips.  I am particularly happy with this result.


When viewed from below, it is more obvious that the three wood pieces were actually one piece at one time but are now separate.


At the left, you can see that parts of the end grain are darker because resin was allowed to penetrate the surface.  (Next time, I will prefinish the wood parts to prevent this.)


You can read about the build process step-by-step in the following five Tweet-Along sessions:

I have not decided whether I will list this piece in my Store, but it is in my Gallery (which showcases my past work regardless of whether or not it is for sale).

8 thoughts on “Deconstructed – Finished Shots and Reflective Thoughts

  1. It came out nice; a creative effort. I’m sure nobody but you (and your readers :) will ever notice the bubbles. I’d say a well done first try at casting!!

      1. no you shouldn’t have :) first and fore most it is a piece of art and a personal study in a need medium for you.
        I just so happen to have that dreaded “chronic smart arse ” disease can not help myself sometimes. well all the time.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment, and I’m pleased that you like it. Some of what I do, even I am not on board initially. I have a saying: if you don’t ask yourself what you are doing at least once a day, you’re doing something wrongly!

      Chris, insane on good days

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