More Quotes from Woodwork Magazine

I am continuing to work my way forwards through back issues of the since discontinued magazine Woodwork. There is some truly fascinating content in these old issues, and one article that comes to mind is Georges Vaufrey's Wizardly Woodshop. The article describes the processes used by the French company that specializes in producing high quality, precision woodturnings … Continue reading More Quotes from Woodwork Magazine

New Prize Category: Most Accurate Voter

With a last-minute prize donation from Green Buddy Distributors (distributors of Grex Tools in Canada), there is now one more prize than there are categories. So I'm going to create one new category and shuffle the prizes. The exciting part is that EVERYBODY is eligible to win! The winner of this category will be whoever most … Continue reading New Prize Category: Most Accurate Voter

How to Follow the Wall Shelf Build-Off

With the big day looming and registration now closed, I'd like to share some links so that you can follow along with the Wall Shelf Build-Off participants. You can also search for the official hashtag #WSBO. Instagram Brad Holley Brian Eve Brian Prusa Dale J. Osowski David Barlow Derek Carter Cameron Lockard Garth Schafer Gavin Rondeau … Continue reading How to Follow the Wall Shelf Build-Off

Wall Shelf Build-Off Prize Categories

The Wall Shelf Build-Off starts tomorrow, so now seems like a good time to announce the categories. They are as follows: Best use of materials Best concept Most off-the-wall (figuratively speaking) design Most ambitious design Most innovative design Most inspiring design Judge's Best Overall Judge's Second Best Overall Judge's Third Best Overall Flair Woodworks Reader's Choice #1 … Continue reading Wall Shelf Build-Off Prize Categories

Buzz about the Wall Shelf Build-Off

The Wall Shelf-Build-Off starts this weekend and you won't want to miss it. In face, Jonas Jensen called it "the biggest event since the American presidential inauguration". Here's some of the attention the contest has been getting around the web. Jim Dillon @ The Thousand Dollar Shop Wall Shelf Build-Off Garth @ Time Warp Tool … Continue reading Buzz about the Wall Shelf Build-Off

Prizes for the Wall Shelf Build-Off

The Wall Shelf Build-Off is next weekend. Can you believe it? A Pep Talk If you've been hesitating to register because you don't have a design, I'd encourage you to register today. Nothing like a little pressure for inspiration - even if it means heading out to the shop next weekend without a clear idea of … Continue reading Prizes for the Wall Shelf Build-Off

What is there to be Afraid of About Failure?

Well, for starters, I’m not sure what failure really is. I’m always experimenting and learning and, to me, what others may perceive as failure is really just an indication that something can be improved. I am always looking for ways to improve things, and constantly analyzing things for weaknesses. Developing a solid design on paper (or … Continue reading What is there to be Afraid of About Failure?

Welcome to the New Shop

Since moving three months ago, I have settled nicely into the new shop that is a one-car garage. Here are some panoramic pictures to give you a feel for the space. Click to view full-size. All the machines are more or less permanently positioned, and the overhead door is not used (it was last opened … Continue reading Welcome to the New Shop