An Inspiring Story from David Savage

David Savage is a name that you might know.  He is a UK woodworker with over 30 years of experience and a very distinctive style of furniture. David teaches woodworking and contemporary furniture design at Rowden Farm Atelier and recently released his book, Furniture with Soul, a book which looks at the journeys and work of 20 accomplished, … Continue reading An Inspiring Story from David Savage

Don’t Listen to Them (Listen to Me – at Least This One Time!)

There is more information than ever available and it is easy to get caught up in it trying to figure out the best way to sharpen a plane blade, join two pieces of wood, or apply the perfect finish. The thing is, you're not the same as everybody else.  Just because all your woodworking friends … Continue reading Don’t Listen to Them (Listen to Me – at Least This One Time!)

The Path of a Woodworker

Fellow blogger Kenny Comeaux (aka The Wood Ninja) recently wrote about his path as a woodworker. He found that learning the skills to make good furniture was the easy part, as there was a wealth of information available on the subject.  However, he found that developing good designs was more of a challenge, so, naturally, … Continue reading The Path of a Woodworker


There are two primary ways to learning about woodworking - from exposure and practice.  Exposure comes mostly from reading, listening, and watching.  Practice involves applying that knowledge. When I first got interested in woodworking, I read every woodworking book and magazine available at the public library.  I attended the annual woodworking show, studied tool catalogs, examined … Continue reading Learning