Three Articles Published in February/March Issue of Canadian Woodworking

The latest issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement is focused on routers and has not one, not two, but three of my articles in it. I had fun challenging myself to put together ten Simple Router Improvements, and executing those ideas. Also in the issue is a short article I wrote about Router Collets … Continue reading Three Articles Published in February/March Issue of Canadian Woodworking

Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

I have always been a little obsessed with screwdrivers. Maybe it’s because I like using screws so much - for their adjustability, holding power, and reversability. In my shop, fasteners are organized in clear plastic divier boxes, each of which holds between 3 and 8 different varieties. I have one dedicated to nails, 10 devoted … Continue reading Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

Making a Flushing Plane

Recently, I needed to trim 50 protruding dowels flush with the surface. I started by using a flush cut handsaw to trim any that were sticking out more than 1/16”. Now, in my experience, flush cut saws are good at making cuts against a surface without damaging it, but they actually do not work well … Continue reading Making a Flushing Plane

Free Air Shipping for Cribbage Boards

Just a quick note that I am offering free air shipping via Purolator Express for Canadian orders and DHL Express Worldwide for USA orders. At this time of year, couriers are not guaranteeing delivery times but I’m doing everything I can to ensure orders arrive in time for Christmas! Order directly from my site, or … Continue reading Free Air Shipping for Cribbage Boards

Developing a Product in a Day: it’s a Crap Chute

I get some ideas that feel crazy, but are intriguing enough that I want to pursue them. This is one of them. It started yesterday morning with a conversation with my wife. I don’t remember what exactly we were discussing, but I commented that it’s a crap shoot. It’s an expression that I’ve found myself … Continue reading Developing a Product in a Day: it’s a Crap Chute

Largest Batch of Live-Edge Cribbage Boards Complete

Last month, I set a record for the largest batch of live-edge cribbage boards made in my shop: 17. I had dedicated cutting, sanding and spray finishing stations set up and was in full production mode working carefully and efficiently. My goal was to build up enough inventory to have a good selection available, and … Continue reading Largest Batch of Live-Edge Cribbage Boards Complete

Sometimes You Just Need to Stop Working and Get Organized

Reminder: Introductory pricing on live-edge cribbage boards expires Saturday night. I feel that my time is limited and valuable. I am usually trying to get the most impactful tasks done as quickly as possible and ignoring the less pertinent ones. But, sometimes, it is a good idea to take a break from directly trying to … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need to Stop Working and Get Organized

Being Productive While Finish Dries

I always seem to spend more time working on projects than cleaning and tidying in the shop, and the result is usually chaos - stuff everywhere. The best times I have found to clean up and organize are late at night when I can’t do much else, or while waiting for glue or finish to … Continue reading Being Productive While Finish Dries

Cribbage Board Update

I will be increasing the prices of my live-edge cribbage board on November 1, 2020. Any orders received on or before Halloween will be at the current pricing. Shipping is, and will continue to be free for North American destinations. Currently, I am working through a sizeable stack of cribbage boards that I harvested in … Continue reading Cribbage Board Update