Get Personal with Insanity

I will be making and selling my wooden 3D jigsaw puzzles at Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody) Saturday, December 14 and Sunday, December 15 from 10am-3pm. Sometimes I describe my work as that which is so insane nobody in their right mind would attempt it. My wooden 3D jigsaw puzzles are examples of … Continue reading Get Personal with Insanity

Is This Abuse of Art?

I was really happy and excited when I completed my latest piece of artwork, Art Frame, and hung it on the wall. I felt that the beautiful frame around the plain white, textured paper would create intrigue and discussion. I was confident that it would quickly become the most talked-about piece of art in our house. … Continue reading Is This Abuse of Art?

Eastside Culture Crawl 2013

Come see me Saturday, November 16 between 11am and 6pm in the Straight Line Designs Inc. workshop on the second floor of Parker Street Studios, #260-1000 Parker Street, Vancouver. What is the Eastside Culture Crawl? The Eastside Culture Crawl is one of the biggest highlights of the year for lovers of art and craft. It's an annual event and … Continue reading Eastside Culture Crawl 2013

Art Frame: The Frame is the Focal Point

While exhibiting my work at Port Moody's 2013 Art Walk I had some interesting discussions with other artists. One of them got me thinking about flatwork (2D art), and the frames in which it is sometimes shown. These pieces of art are the focus of attention and sometimes, a frame that compliments without detracting, is used to … Continue reading Art Frame: The Frame is the Focal Point

Armature Wire as a Modelling Tool

I have been looking for a material which can be used to develop scaled-down furniture designs.  I wanted something tangible that I could handle and manipulate. I wanted something that could be used to easily create a scale model of furniture that I could hold in my hand and easily make modifications.  Many options for … Continue reading Armature Wire as a Modelling Tool

Recap: Port Moody Celebration of Wood Fair

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Celebration of Wood Fair on Saturday.  The Fair was well-organized and we saw a strong turnout.  The weather was perfect as well, so it made the day even more enjoyable. I sold Tee Coffee Table as well as some raw wood in the silent auction. The Celebration … Continue reading Recap: Port Moody Celebration of Wood Fair

Port Moody Celebration of Wood – An Exhibition and a Fair

Address:  2425 St Johns St, Port Moody Celebration of Wood:  Form and Function In partnership with the Celebration of Wood Fair, the Port Moody Arts Centre Gallery is hosting an exhibition that shows many of the ways wood can be used. Visitors to the gallery will see how artists have portrayed wood in its many … Continue reading Port Moody Celebration of Wood – An Exhibition and a Fair

What Inspires?

Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals started a new segment on his blog called Inspiration Project, asking creative people the simple question, "what inspires?".  He asked me to kick off Inspiration Project, so I created a video (duration: 5:34) Read Steve's post and watch my video HERE.

Exhibition at Gallery Bistro

Since many of my readers are too far away to come to my exhibition, I have this video to provide an idea of what it looks like.  (As a reminder to my local readers, the Gallery Bistro is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday and I am at the gallery most Sundays.) Some pieces which you … Continue reading Exhibition at Gallery Bistro