Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 1: Legs

When I set out to create this table I knew that I wanted to use plain wood for the base and figured wood for the top.  I knew that straight-grained wood would be easier to carve, and complements the carving well; curvy grain would distract from the linear design.  I expected that using figured wood … Continue reading Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 1: Legs

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

A couple days ago, I started building some shelves on which to display some of my smaller projects.  They will be floating shelves, with no visible attachment point.  I could have made them a basic rectangular prism, but if you know me, you know there's no way I would leave them that simple.  I decided … Continue reading Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Power Carving Workshop

Today I taught a workshop on power carving. We looked at different cutting blades for angle grinders and discussed pros/cons, set-up, applications, safety and technique before plugging in the tools to start experimenting with them. We first practiced on a chunk of cherry before going to work on two serious chunks of wood - elm … Continue reading Power Carving Workshop

Life on the Coast

Wednesday was a reminder that summer is on its way. It was gorgeous outside - sunny and warm. Some might even describe it as hot. Soon, 20-degree weather sunny weather will be the norm. Can't wait for that. The weather fired my imagination and resulted in this box, with a sea-side theme: rolling waves, sun, … Continue reading Life on the Coast

The Reward For Hard Work

The past two weeks, I've spent an awful lot of time in the shop, on top of the approximately 30 hours per week I've been working at Lee Valley. One of the projects I am working on is a carved headboard. By far, it has to be the most labour-intensive project I've done to date. … Continue reading The Reward For Hard Work

Shell Box

At the beginning of October, I created a box whose design I absolutely adored. The proportions, the grain, the style... everything. It was also a fun box to build and simple in some regards, but quite challenging in others. I proudly showed my latest and greatest creation around and decided to go forward and begin … Continue reading Shell Box

Feels Like Summertime

Yes, I realize that the temperature is hovering around 5 degrees, there's still snow on the ground, and the sun doesn't come out much. But what I mean by summertime is that I can spend my day out in the yard doing my darnedest to cover the ground with sawdust and wood chips. I started … Continue reading Feels Like Summertime

Bubinga Dining Room Table, Part I

Currently, I'm down in Phoenix, Arizona, working for Morgan Holt of EarthArt Landscape & Designs, Inc. on a massive dining table being made from one large slab of bubinga. Monday morning at 8:00, Morgan and I picked up the Bubinga slab for the table.  Morgan had arranged for some help to unload the slab which measured 14' long, 42' wide, … Continue reading Bubinga Dining Room Table, Part I