A Topless Table

Last week's Picture Inspiration proved to be a real challenge. We, at #Woodchat, were looking at a picture of an SR71 stealth plane. Most of us started by looking at the actual shape of the plane and trying to relate what we saw to lines suitable for a furniture design. When I found that didn't … Continue reading A Topless Table

What Defines Form?

There's no part in [a motorcycle], no shape in [a motorcycle], that is not out of someone's mind... a person who does machining or foundry work or forge work or welding sees "steel" as having no shape at all. Steel can be any shape you want if you are skilled enough, and any shape but the one … Continue reading What Defines Form?

New Work: Reign

Prior to this one, I had created three shelves of this style: Black Locust Wall Table, Artifact of, and There is Not Always Light at the End of the Tunnel. They are characterized by tall vertical elements with long tusk tenons mounted to the wall. The shelf slipped over the tusk tenon and was locked in place … Continue reading New Work: Reign

Done, Almost Done, and Hopefully Done Soon

Done:  Post for Popular Woodworking's Contributor's Blog The post, The Telephone Game - Woodworking Version, published June 25 was my first  for Popular Woodworking.  I've really enjoyed watching the table evolve and I hope that we are able to sign up more participants. One thing that I would like to emphasize to all participants is that you do … Continue reading Done, Almost Done, and Hopefully Done Soon

Round Three of #Woodchat’s Telephone Game Design Experiment

Round 1 Three weeks ago, I shared a drawing of this table which I'd designed.  It was part of what we've called the #Woodchat Telephone Game Design Experiment. I presented the design at #Woodchat in this video and handed the design over to my co-host Matt Gradwohl who was eager to redraw the table his way.  (Discussion of the table … Continue reading Round Three of #Woodchat’s Telephone Game Design Experiment

Some Ideas Require Great Patience and an Open Mind

This table is for sale and has just been added to my Gallery.  It is one piece which almost never happened. An Odd Start, If You Could Even Call it a Start A few years ago, my wood guy, Dave Kilpatrick, stopped by unexpectedly.  From his trailer, he unloaded a live-edged slab of maple roughly … Continue reading Some Ideas Require Great Patience and an Open Mind

#Woodchat’s Telephone Game Design Experiment

Below is my initial drawing for #Woodchat's inaugural Telephone Game Design Experiment. The idea is to start with a design drawn by one person (me).  Then, another person takes my design and redraws it their way, incorporating any changes they wish to make.  Next, a third person takes the second drawing and redraws it their way. … Continue reading #Woodchat’s Telephone Game Design Experiment

Butternut Bedside Table

This bedside table is my latest commissioned work.  It is made of butternut. Although some woodworkers don't like to use knots in their work, I really like the focal point which a knot can provide.  The grain around the knot is also very interesting and pretty. In the past, when using wood with two live … Continue reading Butternut Bedside Table

Broken Square

Broken Square originated from a drawing in my sketch book.  I had been playing with variations of a cube when this form emerged.  In the drawing, it stood on two edges but I later realized that it would sit nicely on three points. Intrigued by the form, I built a version using square cherry stock.  Although I … Continue reading Broken Square