Christmas Gift Ideas

I love making gifts.  I really do.  I was raised to believe that anything hand-made will always have more meaning than something store-bought.  While there may or may not be a capital investment for materials, the real investment is the time and thought to develop and produce the item.  For me, making gifts is a … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas

Slicks and Handles for Socket Chisels

A slick is essentially a large chisel that can be used to pare or trim projections in the middle of a large surface.  Many slicks have cranked handles (angled upwards) to provide the necessary clearance.  They are often used in timber framing but their size makes the overkill in the shop.  Useful or not, it's … Continue reading Slicks and Handles for Socket Chisels

Every Scar Has a Story, But Not Every Story Has a Scar

If you don't have any scars, I would venture to guess that you lead a very conservative lifestyle free of peril, risk, adrenaline rushes, and interest. Yes, I have a few scars, each with a story and often a lesson learned as well. Scars can be reminders of epic tales of struggle, heroism, pain and … Continue reading Every Scar Has a Story, But Not Every Story Has a Scar

Out of a Jamb

I am proud of myself.  In the past week, I have finished several projects which have been waiting for a while.  Some for a week, some more than six months.  That I am not proud of.  But it's a fact of life.  Stuff gets put on the back burner and is left there.  While I … Continue reading Out of a Jamb

A Weekend That Turned Out Well

I had this past weekend off, and I made the most of it, turning a total of five bowls, all from green wood.  I slept in until 10:00am on Saturday.  I had a quick breakfast and headed down to the shop.  The first bowl was a result of a co-worker giving me a section of … Continue reading A Weekend That Turned Out Well

Heirloom Quality Screwdrivers For Sale

My turned screwdrivers are now for sale.  They feature a solid dogwood handle and a polished magnetic bit holder which accepts all 1/4" hex-shank screwdriver bits.  The price is $30. To make a screwdriver, I first cut a dogwood blank to size.  Then I bore a 1/4" hole to accept the shank of the magnetic … Continue reading Heirloom Quality Screwdrivers For Sale

Acacia – Block to Bowl

Right now I have a half dozen blocks of green acacia in the garage.  I spent a good portion of last Saturday turning a pair of bowls from a single block.  I first outlined the shape of the bowl on the block and cut it out on the bandsaw.  I screwed the block onto a faceplate … Continue reading Acacia – Block to Bowl

Dedication to Woodworking

Some of you who regularly check for updates on this site have been reminding me that I haven't added anything new in a few months.  The reason:  all my free time is dedicated to woodworking.  You see, while I punch these keys to form the words you are now reading, I am also letting a … Continue reading Dedication to Woodworking

100 lbs of Douglas Fir

Last week while walking home, I passed a house with what looked to be half a dozen sections of a fallen Douglas Fir tree trunk.  Each was roughly 24" in diameter and 10" thick.  I introduced myself to the fellow trimming branches in the front yard and asked him about the wood.  He confirmed that it was indeed … Continue reading 100 lbs of Douglas Fir