Earlier this month, my friend, Neil Cronk, started an online woodworking event called #HandJoinery. As Neil described it, #HandJoinery is a way to share joinery skills and encourage people to get in their shops and put hand tools to wood while sharing and asking questions. Alongside Neil and I, Wilbur Pan, Shannon Rogers and Adam Maxwell … Continue reading #HandJoinery

Insanity 2: The Back

Last week, after deciding to apply the cabinet back directly to the rear edge, I spent most of a day rehearsing and mentally preparing myself for the glue-up. In this assembly, I only glued together the cabinet sides, top and bottom. I used 3/4" x 3/4" stickers as cauls to force the finger joints together as … Continue reading Insanity 2: The Back

Fun with Sliding Dovetails

I have put Insanity 2 on hold to work on some small boxes of a design I came up with many years ago. The double-ended box relies on a pair of sliding dovetails perpendicular to each other to open.  While functional, it is also a lot of fun to handle - similar to twiddling your … Continue reading Fun with Sliding Dovetails

Insanity 2: The Carcase

I attribute my success to my relentless push to try to fail.  Insanity 2 is about trying to design something which I cannot create. Since my last blog update on Insanity 2, I laminated two curved sides and a curved bottom.  Then I was faced with the task of joining them together.  Although the four … Continue reading Insanity 2: The Carcase

Why I Value the Ability to Cut Joints By Hand

Being able to cut a dovetail joint using only hand tools has become recognized as a level of achievement.  But there are other reasons to learn how to cut joinery by hand besides proving yourself and, for me, the biggest reason is being able to deal with unique situations. The joint below on the left … Continue reading Why I Value the Ability to Cut Joints By Hand

Cutting Joinery for V-Table

You might remember this table design I developed in January.  Last weekend, while at the Skills Canada National Competition, I showed it to some of the cabinetmakers overseeing the event and they were very impressed with the design. I counted twelve intersections in the centre and one really big headache. I figured that I could … Continue reading Cutting Joinery for V-Table

Practice and Experimentation with Joinery

During Artwalk, I showed my work in Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street) with three other artists:  Bronwen Belenkie, Clive Tucker and Mandara Lebovitz.  Our exhibition will continue through April 28th. The gallery is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday. Last week, I spent three days at Lee Valley Tools Ltd. demonstrating joinery techniques.  I took the opportunity to hone my skills and … Continue reading Practice and Experimentation with Joinery

Black Locust Wall Table, Part III: Testing Blind Mounting Hardware

In Part I and Part II, I built this prototype table which was to be mounted on a wall. The next step in the design and construction of the table was to install hardware that would allow it to be mounted to a wall. The simplest way to attach the table would have been a pair of big … Continue reading Black Locust Wall Table, Part III: Testing Blind Mounting Hardware

Black Locust Wall Table, Part II: Putting it Together

In Part I - Visualizing in Wood, I selected and prepared the table components.  Part II - Putting it Together covers everything else - joinery, sculpting, and assembly. To facilitate laying out and cutting the long tusk tenon, I first flattened one face of the upright.  I used three round, wooden bench dogs to immobilize … Continue reading Black Locust Wall Table, Part II: Putting it Together